SARVA is a group lead by the appointed Co-directors and selected interns and student volunteers committed to ending sexual assault and relationship violence through activism and education. We serve the UW community by providing programs and events that facilitate open discussion surrounding these issues. SARVA is open to all UW students.

SARVA provides outreach and education to the university community through connecting students and student groups and organizations to interactive trainings, workshops, sponsoring guest speakers, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activism Month, and other campus events.

SARVA works to raise awareness and dispel myths about sexual assault and relationship violence through examining our society’s current relationship to sex and sexuality.

SARVA is made up of advocates in support of victims/survivors and a sex-positive culture.

We acknowledge intersectionality and its implications for sexual assault and relationship violence. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing events and programs that address communities across genders, races, classes, sexualities, abilities, ethnicities, etc.

*Please note: Throughout this site, we will utilize the term survivor/victim. SARVA firmly believes that neither the term “survivor” nor “victim” is better than the other. Different people may choose to identify in varying ways, and it is therefore important to ask which term a person prefers. The misconception that a person moves from identifying as a “victim” to a “survivor” is detrimental to individuals and society, as it prescribes a single narrative for recovery.