Internal Resources

Resources provided by the University of Washington

Confidential Advocates

Confidential Advocates are the best resource if you have questions about the specifics of an individual situation. Talking to them first is also one of the best ways to get an understanding of how the process could look for you. Talking to them is not the same as requesting an investigation, and they are not able to share any information they are told unless explicitly given permission.

Know Your Rights and Resources

Comprehensive list of rights and resources including details on the formal complaint process and options for requesting a Title IX investigation. The guide aims to give survivors ample information to make whatever decision feels right for them.

Title IX Support Page and Resources

Other assorted resources and ways to connect with the Title IX at UW

Title IX Reporting Page

Title IX Investigation Office Page

UW Livewell Resources Page

Livewell provides a breadth of resources from mental health resources to confidential advocates. They offer support for survivors as well as their friends and peers who may not know where to turn.

SafeCampus UW Resources

While not confidential, Safecampus offers resources and information for survivors and can also connect survivors to other offices and campus resources. You do not have to provide your name if you call Safecampus.

Mental Health Care UW

Greek System Resources

Panhellenic at the UW has their own protocol when an assault is reported to them. IFC does not have a structured process and each fraternity handles it differently, usually by discussing the allegation as a chapter without the survivor there for input. That being said, the contacts for each are as follows:

Panhellnic Protocol

Contact Us – IFC

WELLNESS PROJECT | uwpanhellenic

MGC Contact