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Check back soon for the events we’ll be hosting to kick off the school year!



Details & Accessibility
  • All events are free, and all events but the Green Dot Bystander Training are open to community members as well as students.
  • Ask for permission before engaging in physical contact with other event attendees.
  • If other event attendees disclose personal information, obtain their explicit permission before talking about this information outside of the event space.
  • SARVA will not be taking photographs unless explicit consent has been received from those in the pictures, and we ask that event attendees also do not take photographs without obtaining consent from those they are photographing. We ask that there be no flash photography at these events.
  • The topics covered at these events may be potentially triggering for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and/or other forms of power-based violence. Please be mindful of your own mental health when choosing to attend these events–your safety is most important. If you have additional triggers and want to ask if content related to these triggers will be present at these events, please contact the SARVA director at asuwdsa@uw.edu.
  • Do not assume how other event attendees identify.
  • Do not assume the pronouns used by other event attendees. If you do not know the pronouns a person uses, ask them.
  • Gender neutral bathrooms can be found in Savery, McCarty in the lobby area on the first floor, and the HUB on the third floor. The other buildings SARVA Month events will be taking place in do not have gender neutral bathrooms.
  • Information about wheelchair accessibility can be found at the following links: Denny, Ethnic Cultural Theater, Haggett, HanseeHUB, McCarty, McMahonPoplar, Savery.
  • These event spaces are not kept scent-free, but we ask that event attendees do not wear scented/fragranced products (e.g. perfume, hair products) or essential oils the days of the events in order to make the events accessible to those with chemical injury or multiple chemical sensitivity. We ask that smokers also store their coats/outer clothing that is regularly exposed to smoke outside the event spaces if possible.
  • Unfortunately, there will not be ASL or non-English language interpretation.
  • Childcare services will not be provided.
  • The University of Washington can be reached on multiple bus routes. This link can help you locate which route may work for you.
  • Parking is available at multiple locations on the University of Washington campus. Details can be found here.
  • If you have a question about details or accessibility that was not covered here, please contact the SARVA assistant director at asuwadsa@uw.edu.
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