Interested in interning with SARVA?

Applications for 2017-2018 are currently closed. 


If you’re interested in getting involved, please fill out our freelance volunteer application and get in touch with the Assistant Director at


If you’re interested in getting involved with SARVA and contributing directly to our efforts to counter power-based violence on campus, then check out our intern positions!

Interning with SARVA is a year-long commitment that may require anywhere from 2 – 6 hours of work per week depending on the position, time of the year, and intern availability. Please note that while this internship is unpaid, it will allow you to gain a variety of experiences and skills as well as the opportunity to become deeply involved with the anti-violence efforts on campus (and it’s a great resume builder!).

In addition to the specific duties allocated to each position (descriptions below), interns will be asked to help with preparing for and running SARVA events (particularly during SARVA month in April). Most interns will also lead a small group of volunteers, allowing them to engage with other students on campus and to gain leadership and managerial skills.


SARVA is offering three intern opportunities for the 2017-2018 school year. Each will be a 9 month (1 full school year) commitment, and will be a minimum 5 hour per week time commitment. Please read each description carefully and select ONE option when asked.

Project Management Intern
The project management intern will take a lead role in planning, developing, and brainstorming for special events and programs. We will develop all these internships with each selected intern, so your ideas and input are crucial!

Responsibilities will entail:

-Taking a lead on brainstorming and planning for SARVA events and communicating their vision to SARVA leadership.

-Leading volunteers to help facilitate events and special projects.

-Working with leadership to establish courses of action for each project and event and meeting weekly with the Assistant Director.

-Some public speaking may be required during SARVA events.


Community Outreach Intern
The Community Outreach Intern will focus on acting as a liaison between SARVA and other campus organizations and communities. You will help SARVA identify how we can best serve, represent, and communicate with these groups as well as help to spread SARVA’s work to these different groups.

Responsibilities will entail:

-Helping SARVA build connections to various RSOs and insuring that we work with as many groups as we can.

-Regularly meeting with both the Assistant Director and leadership from our partners.

-Developing new ways to collaborate and engage with our community.

Ideal candidates will have:

-A working understanding of active RSOs on campus and the ability to connect and work with these groups.

-A passion for building community at UW and fighting sexual and relationship violence.

-Some public speaking and leadership experience are helpful but not required.


Advertising Intern

The Advertising Intern leads the development and implementation of advertising campaigns for SARVA’s events, displays, and for the organization in general. The Advertising Intern will work collaboratively with many of the other interns to develop effective advertising methods that span a variety of media.

Responsibilities will entail…

-Working with the project management team and SARVA leadership to develop advertising campaigns for SARVA job openings, events, programs, and projects.

-Leading a team of volunteers to execute these advertising projects.

-Monitoring our advertising’s performance throughout the year to help improve our methods into the next year.

Ideal candidates will have..

-Some understanding of graphic design.

-The ability to lead and direct volunteers in the implementation of advertising projects.

-Working understanding of UW’s advertising resources (postering, social media, etc.)